Yearning Soul Rebellion Kevin Breit 2022 Tbn/Tuba
You are the Light and the Way Alex Bird 2021 Trombone
Stir Crazy Heavyweights Brass Band 2021 Tuba/ Tbn/ Keys/ Comp/ Prod.
Reggae Strong The Human Rights 2021 Trombone
Unity (single) Chester Miller 2021 Trombone
Easy Now (EP) Kairo McLean 2021 Trombone
Ultimate Love (EP) Stoney 2021 Trombone
Suite Solitude Andy MacDonald 2021 Tbn/ Tuba
HiRUDiN Austra 2020 Tuba
Listen To Me (Single) Goldman and Choquette 2020 Tbn/ Arr
The Reckless One Samantha Martin/Delta Sugar 2020 Trombone
Heart Parade Splash 'N Boots 2020 Tbn/ Tuba
All the Little Things You Do Rebecca Hennessy 2020 Tbn/ Vox
The Tell Drumhand 2020 Tbn/ Tuba
Leaves of Ash (soundtrack) Tom Richards 2020 Electronics/ Prod.
Volume Three The Big Butter and Egg Men 2020 Tbn/ Arr/ Prod.
Volume Two The Big Butter and Egg Men 2020 Tbn/ Vox/ Comp/ Prod.
Volume One The Big Butter and Egg Men 2020 Tbn/ Arr/ Prod.
Hydra Hopeful Monster 2020 Tbn/ Tuba
You Knew Me When Shelby Lamb 2020 Trombone
Situations Situations 2020 Keys/ Comp/ Prod.
Sad Face Emojis (single) Junia-T feat. Jessie Reyez 2019 Trombone
Carbon Tom Richards 2019 Piano/ Prod.
We Are All Terrorists Friendly Rich 2019 Trombone
Evin on Earth Mike Evin 2019 Tbn/ Arr
Here Come the Wolves Rheostatics 2019 Tbn/ Tuba
Stella Bella Strada Kevin Breit 2019 Tbn/ Tuba
This Is My Room Laura Repo 2019 Trombone
... In Love Young Doctors in Love 2019 Trombone
Getaway Abigail Lapell 2019 Trombone
Shore Line V2 Tom Richards 2019 Electronics/ Prod.
Sweet Baby (EP) Jessica Morgan Soule 2018 Tbn/ Tuba
Tawuya Nhapitapi 2018 Trombone
The Leonard Cohen Sweet Friendly Rich/Woodshed Orch. 2018 Trombone
The Love Songs of Oedipus Rex The Holy Gasp 2018 Trombone
Before and After You Kalyna Rakel 2018 Tbn/ Arr
Kinship John Pittman 2018 Producer
Great Moments in the History of Possible Cinema Tom Richards 2018 Piano/ Prod.
This City Heavyweights Brass Band 2018 Tuba/ Tbn/ Keys/ Comp/ Prod.
Gord Mowat's Skeleton Crew GMSC 2018 Trombone
Orbit AG6 2018 Trombone
Live at the Music Gallery Rub Out the Word 2018 Trombone
Ride the Wind Roscoe Mitchell 2018 Trombone
Tunnels and Visions The Confabulation 2017 Trombone
What it Is Sweet Pea 2017 Tbn/ Tuba
Cuphead - Don't Deal With the Devil (video game soundtrack) Kristopher Maddigan 2017 Trombone
Bunny Bunny 2017 Trombone
The Composers' Collective Big Band CCBB 2017 Tbn/ Comp.
Two Calls FOG Brass Band 2017 Trombone
Flare Riverrun 2017 Keys/ Comp/ Prod.
The Last Rider Ron Sexmith 2017 Tbn/ Tuba/ Arr
Sweet Days of Summer (single) Chamomile 2016 Piano/ Prod.
Moon Milk L Con 2016 Trombone
Life Drawing Tom Richards 2016 Piano/ Prod.
Stella Pearl Ralph Pastore 2016 Trombone
Distribution John Russon 2016 Trombone
Divina Graca Bruno Capinan 2016 Tbn/ Tuba
The Human Rights THR 2016 Trombone
The Yeats Project Sarah Jerrom 2016 Conductor
Fifteen Wavelengths Fifteen Wavelengths Ensemble 2015 Trombone
Elephant Song (single) Chamomile 2015 Piano/ Prod.
Got to Get You Under My Tree Bill King 2015 Tuba
Helen Lawrence John Gzowski 2014 Trombone
Keep Pushin' The Heavyset Quartet 2014 Trombone
Tomorrow Island Riverrun 2014 Keys/ Comp/ Prod.
Contretemps Drumhand 2014 Trombone
Let's Be Ready  The Wooden Sky 2014 Trombone
Age The Hidden Cameras 2014 Trombone
Goodbye Birdcage Eric Frisch 2013 Trombone
The Thing Is TTI 2013 Trombone
Unravel Riverrun 2013 Keys/ Comp/ Prod.
New Heat Riverrun 2013 Keys/ Comp/ Prod.
The Ballad Project L Con 2012 Trombone
In the Hills Shred Kelly 2012 Trombone
Joint Attention John Russon 2012 Trombone
Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun The Wooden Sky 2012 Trombone
Notes and Noodles Lowell Whitty 2011 Trombone
Errunriv Riverrun 2011 Keys/ Comp/ Prod.
Transparent Thesis Red Blue Green 2010 Piano/ Comp.
Start Engine 2010 Trombone
A Christmas Special Toronto All Star Big Band 2009 Cond/ Prod.
Kaleidoscope Arkana Music 2009 Trombone
Origin:Orphan The Hidden Cameras 2009 Trombone
Shore Line Tom Richards 2008 Keys/ Electronics/ Prod.
Red Tree AG6 2007 Trombone
Urs Blochlinger Tribute UBT 2006 Trombone
Avi Granite 5 AG5 2006 Trombone